The Conference league is a new competition introduced in 2022 by UEFA. The 3rd Conference League final will be held in  Agia Sophia Stadium in Athens, Greece on 29. May. 2024.

In the conference league you have 8 groups in total. Each group will have 4 teams. The first ranked teams from the eight groups will automatically go to the Round of 16 matches from the Conference League.

Further the second placed teams in the groups (total 8 groups) from the conference league will play Knock out play off´s against the 3rd ranked teams from the UEFA Europe League. The winner from the knock out plays off will participate at the Round of 16 Conference League matches.

Conference League games will be played on Wednesday’s at 18:45 or 21:00 CET equally to the UEFA Europe League.

The Agia Sophia Stadium in Athens, Greece is the home ground from AEK Athen and has a capacity from approx. 32.000.

The Conference League Final winner will secure a place at the upcoming Europe League season.

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